Autobiography through Performance and Poetry


September 25, 2016




CityLit Stage

Kenneth Morrison’s Blood, Bricks, and Dandelions is a collection of Kenneth’s journals, poems and thoughts from the age of 13 to 18, an authentic look in the teenage life of the many young "Kenneths" struggling to grow up young, black and gay in America. Ron Kipling Williams’ Black Freak Mosh Heaven is a poetic autobiography about a black youth who rocks and rolls to his own beat and is forced to battle racism, stereotypes and ignorance. Morrison (2016 Baltimore Grand Slam Champion, 2016 Washington DC Pride Grand Slam Champion, and president and founder of Dew More Baltimore), and Williams (a recent graduate of the MFA program in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore and an MSAC Individual Artist Award Winner) will perform from their works and join in conversation about finding authenticity through the intersection of performance and poetry.

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Sept 22-24, 2017
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