Story-A-Thon with Be Here: Baltimore


September 25, 2016




The Story Share

We are telling stories differently. The Be Here: Baltimore project is making Baltimore’s culture and heritage more visible and accessible to local and global audiences through unique kinds of digital storytelling. The initiative was established to build upon the rich storytelling culture in the city by encouraging local creators and institutions to publish their location-based stories on a range of free and open digital platforms (such as the izi.TRAVEL app) so the stories can be discovered by smartphone users as they explore the city. The 22 funded projects generated more than 250 stories that have covered Baltimore in a network of connections among museums, local businesses, attractions, street art, and neighborhoods, and include such topics as history, current events, nature, community, music, and art.  Be Here: Baltimore is an initiative of the MuseWeb Foundation.

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Sept 22-24, 2017
Fri - Sun: 11am - 7pm
Baltimore Inner Harbor

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