Kevin Shird, Uprising in the City: Made in America


September 24, 2017




Inner Harbor Stage Presented by Towson University

Kevin Shird is having a remarkable impact on young people worldwide with his amazing life story. Recognized as an international author, national youth advocate and inspirational speaker -- Kevin is dedicated to helping youth understand the perils of street culture which has destroys many lives. He confronts the dysfunction of inner city streets that have shattered the lives of several young people and their families. In 2016 Kevin released his second book titled “Uprising in the City” which documents the 2015 Baltimore riots. Following the death of Freddie Gray after his arrest by police in 2015, Baltimore became the setting of protests, civil unrest, and violence. In this book, Kevin leads the reader through a detailed account of the events, from the inciting case of Gray to the emergency’s aftermath.

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